About Us

With extensive experience and highly trained professional teams, we provide technological solutions and services that are adapted to the needs of our clients to achieve the best result efficiently and with the highest quality.


We have more than 25 years working in the Banking and Fintech verticals providing innovation, which we transferred to generate solutions in Agritech, SmartCities and eHealth, both locally and internationally.


With the vision that technology allows us to propose the improvement of our quality of life, almost 20 years ago we created our R&D area, providing comprehensive and inclusive solutions in vulnerable sectors of our society.

digital transformation
#Digital Transformation

From our Software Factory, we adapt to dynamic product cycles, providing analysis and change management services, development, testing, infrastructure and security, to generate comprehensive solutions.


We have a multidisciplinary team that allows us to propose different perspectives to the problems and thus be able to adopt new technologies in high added value solutions in a replicable and iterative way, generating differential value proposals.

From G&L we can accompany you from end to end in the challenge of any financial institution, working with the latest technologies and at the same time continue to maintain the systems in the oldest technologies.


Realizamos trabajos con diferentes organizaciones internacionales. Fuimos reconocidos por 14 IBEROEKAS y 5 EUREKAS.


Contamos con la certificación de calidad CMMI Nivel 3 y en nuestro ADN están la innovación, la sociatividad y el talento.


Our bulding

Sustainable, smart and accessible

2000m2 Building

Landscaped area, security cameras, biometric access control.

Located in the Technological District

  • 341 companies based in the District.

  • Strategically located in the South Zone of the City of Buenos Aires, precisely in the neighborhood of Parque de los Patricios.

Fully equipped independent plants

Each work area has meeting rooms and spaces for coffee breaks equipped with cafeteria elements, refrigerator and microwave for use by staff.

Training Room

We have a training room for 25 people equipped with a television, an equipped coffebreak space and exclusive bathrooms.

 our building


  • Rainwater recovery system for toilets and irrigation.
  • Separation of waste and recyclable materials.
  • Faucets with automatic closing to reduce water waste.
  • Double flush toilets to reduce water consumption.

Energy efficiency

  • Hermetic double glazing for thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Landscaped surfaces.
  • Solar hot water tanks.
  • Refrigeration equipment with the highest energy efficiency.