Technological solutions for agricultural activity



Producer tool Farm Management:

  • Producer tool
  • Farm Management:
  • Performance Increase
  • Reduces Costs
  • Greater Sustainability


Application that uses drone technology, using its cameras and sensors, to obtain relevant information in real time for stakeholders.

It is focused on the agricultural sector and includes, among others, the following functions:

  • Visualization of data and adaptation of information to the client
  • Visualization of geolocated maps
  • Provision of specific analyzes
  • Prediction through specific analysis on the data affecting the crop
  • Multi-device support
  • Custom reports

Central 4.0 (Purchase of animals)

We modernize the traditional bidding process of the livestock market through our app.

Simplicity, versatility and intuitive design allowed us to achieve an easy-to-use and adaptable app to facilitate information management.

  • Among its features we highlight:
  • Automation of the bidding system
  • Viewing the list of available livestock
  • Individual file with relevant data for each animal and the bidding process
  • Bid history
  • Visualization of final results


Platform for the Management of Soil Nutrients – PlaMaNuS that allows providing Agricultural Establishments with information on the results of soil nutrient analysis as well as crop monitoring data and other measurements such as water, plants and others.

The PlaMaNuS Platform has an internal management part from the point of view of what is a Soil Laboratory (EXTRANET) and on the other hand a part of monitoring and monitoring of nutrients from the point of view of the Agricultural Establishments (CLIENTS ). In this way, different functionalities are proposed for each of the main modules.



Manage the status of your fields with Yax RFID technology.

  • Optimize the productivity of your crops.
  • Monitor the health status of animals from birth.
  • Improves fish traceability.
  • Improve logistics routes.
  • Save costs.

Farm control

Android mobile application developed for the agricultural-livestock sector that allows real-time monitoring of temperature, ammonia and humidity data on the farm.

It is a useful and versatile tool that allows ranchers-farmers to streamline the process of environmental control of the agricultural exploitation, allowing to improve the efficiency in the processes and redirect efforts to the interpretation of the data and to making decisions.

– Collection of temperature, ammonia and humidity data.

– Creation of custom dashboards to monitor variables.

– Creation of reports with personalization of data and dates.


Incident tracking

Application oriented for the management of incidents that occur in the different areas of a company or organization.


  • Follow-up of the resolution
  • Alerts to the specialist with indications of the degree of severity of the incidents
  • Fluid communication between the sectors and the specialist
  • It offers clear and orderly views, both for the user who registered the incident and for the specialist who will attend it
  • Generation of statistics.


Platform that provides complete visibility of assets and their environment from the beginning of the production chain to sale and use.

It is a product that provides a complete solution for the customer by providing:

– Asset tracking

– Telematics

– Sensorization

– Analysis of data