Our ethical principles support our corporate image, contributing with strength and reliability. This Code of Ethics sets the behavioral principles that should guide the actions that we take as part of our role in G&L in order meet our ethical standards. We are both responsible and committed to ensuring their compliance.


This Code of Ethics is applicable to all G&L employees and executives.

General Principles

To consolidate and develop, the company believes that it should start with strict business objectives and ethical principles to be shared by employees.

As a company, our main business is to provide services, focused on ongoing development and trying to achieve a degree of satisfaction with a high added value. Since our first and foremost goal is to protect our reputation as a strong and reliable Company, we must follow the principles described below to interact with all our stakeholders.


  • Respect: Our actions must always be marked by integrity, trust, respect, and appreciation for human beings in terms of their privacy, uniqueness, and dignity. Any attitude or bias towards origin, ethnic group, religion, social class, gender, race, age, physical disability, or any other form of discrimination should not be part of the philosophy of G&L’s personnel.
  • Exchanging Ideas: To encourage dialogue in order to improve business relations and foster innovation.
  • Service-Oriented Attitude: To take care of both our domestic and foreign clients’ needs in an empathetic and cooperative way, in an attempt to solve their requests in the best possible way.
  • Use of Information: The business and internal affairs information of the Company or its clients should not be used to influence decisions which may favor one’s own- or third-parties’ interests.

Likewise, it is neither allowed to use or transfer to third parties such technologies, methodologies, knowledge, and other information belonging to, developed, or acquired by the Company for personal purposes.

  • Use of the Company’s Assets: Their use will be exclusively limited to the compliance with the tasks assigned to collaborators as part of their roles. Every collaborator will be responsible for taking care of the assets they use, while avoiding misuse.
  • Public Statements: Nobody should speak on behalf of G&L. without being duly authorized for such purpose.
  • Free Choice of Employment: No hard, forced, or conditioned form of labor will be allowed. Moreover, G&L. declares itself against child labor.
  • Compensation and Working Day: All applicable laws will be complied with. In this connection, the working day will not exceed the maximum hours established by law, with the relevant compensation established by law.
  • Health and Safety: G&L commits to analyze, assess, and minimize risks of accident and/or disease in the work environment, and its collaborators must commit to complying with the health and safety measures established, communicating them during training courses, and avoiding situations which may jeopardize their own or their colleagues’ physical integrity.
  • Freedom of Association: G&L respects workers’ right of association.
  • Supervision: The use of one’s position to request favors or personal services from reports will not be allowed.
  • Career Development: It is essential to recognize every collaborator’s worth and to encourage equal access to the existing career development opportunities based on their characteristics, skills, and contribution. No decision which might impact reports’ career development should be only based on personal relationships.


  • Commitment to Clients’ Satisfaction: This commitment should be evidenced in the respect for their rights, as well as in the search for solutions aligned with their interests, always in compliance with the Company’s development and profitability goals.
  • Customer Care and Response: To provide polite and efficient customer care, offering clear, accurate, and transparent information. Every client’s request should get a proper response –even if negative- in due time and course.
  • Equality: Any preferential treatment, either out of interest or personal feelings, should be avoided.

Vendor Relations

  • Selection: Vendor selection and hiring should be based on technical and professional criteria, as well as on the Company’s needs, and conducted using previously established processes, such as professional competence or pricing quotes that ensure the best cost-benefit ratio.
  • Relations: As we are business partners, we build positive relations geared to growing both your and our business.
  • Transparency: We maintain transparent relationships that help build trust and get positive feedback that contributes to strengthening the relation. We neither accept nor give luxurious gifts or any other benefit which might put collaborators or vendors in an awkward position.
  • Legal Framework: All our vendors must conduct their business in compliance with each country’s legal framework and in line with the principles set forth in this code, evidencing at all times an ethical behavior and respect for their collaborators’ rights.
  • Confidentiality: If applicable, a confidentiality agreement (NDA) will be signed in order to protect both our and our vendors’ intellectual property.

Relations with the Competition

  • Fair Trade: Fair trade, advertising, and competition standards should be complied with at all times.
  • Association and Cooperation: To encourage association between competitors in order to achieve synergies in the creation of business opportunities, while complying with the applicable laws.

Relations with the State

  • Laws: We know and comply with the economic, social, and environmental laws applicable to our business both at the domestic and international levels.
  • Tax Compliance: We know and comply with the tax liabilities applicable to our business.
  • Transparency: To promote transparent relations with the State and reject any kind of bribes.

Relations with the Community

  • Development of technology: We encourage ongoing innovation to develop new technologies in order to foster the growth of the community where we work.
  • Accessibility: We encourage the development of technology that favors accessibility in order to ensure equal conditions for the entire community, regardless of individual differences.

Environmental Relations

  • Environmental Impact Control: At G&L, we are aware of the environmental footprint of our business. We monitor and try to mitigate our business’ emissions.

Measures in case of Doubts or Actions against the Code’s Principles and Standards

While this Code of Ethics provides general guidelines that help assess most situations, it does not necessarily describe in detail every problem which may arise on a daily basis. Therefore, you may have doubts in terms of the most appropriate action to take. In this case, you should be honest and ask for help.

You should immediately follow the formal procedure to inform your Supervisor if you feel or find yourself in a situation that may become a conflict of interests, or if you either suspect or are certain about any fact that may harm the Company or that goes against the principles contained in this Code. If you act as described above, you will carry out your duties while strengthening the company’s ethical principles.

Code of Ethics – Management

The Human Resources Department will be in charge of managing the Code of Ethics, and it will be responsible for its communication, updating, and enforcement as well