Success cases

Banking and finance


  • Development. Application for tax declaration.
  • Consulting in MIS Business Processes. Analysis and selection of the data sources of the local MIS
  • Consulting in Security Processes. Definition of policies and procedures related to the management of Computer Security.

  • Analysis and development. Project for the consolidation of information on the financial and risk sectors of the region (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay).

  • Development. Ongoing service of Analysis, Development and Maintenance of bank core applications and satellite applications. Analysis, design, construction, integration test support and implementation support for RPG400 applications.

  • Analysis and development. Project for the consolidation of information on the financial and risk sectors of the region.

  • Technology Microsoft SSIS.
  • Survey and Analysis of the information source.
  • Design, loading, quality control and implementation of a relational data warehouse.
  • Construction of the Multidimensional Model, design and implementation of queries.

Analysis, design, development and testing of applications of:

  • Insurance sales.
  • Transmission of payment files.
  • Tax declaration.
  • Collection of statistical information.
  • Market Risk.
  • Segmentation using Neural Networks and Clustering techniques.


  • Help desk
  • Applications support.
  • Desktops and servers virtualization.
  • Onsite support.


  • Risk Reviews and Security Engineering. Business Continuity Management.

Analysis, design, development and testing of applications of:

  • Electronic Banking.
  • Registries Consultation System. It allows obtaining data of the different registries available in a centralized database.
  • Electronic Mailbox System. It facilitates the correspondence management between the bank and its partners.

Public Administration

Analysis, design, development and testing of the following mobile applications:

  • National Meteorological Service (Servicio Meteorológico Nacional, SMN)
  • SMN – AGRO
  • National Geographic Institute (Instituto Geográfico Nacional, IGN)
  • National Hydrographic Service (Servicio Hidrográfico Nacional, SHN)

These applications allow displaying relevant information of the different services of the Ministry of Defense.

Technologies. The application’s API and Alert Notifier services were developed in JAVA technology.
The mobile apps were developed in native iOS and native Android.

It allows the management of authorizations for the local economic activities of a municipality by means of a centralized database and interaction through consultations with the proprietary systems of the municipality.

The system allows the complete process of the municipal authorization (flow) comprising the initial feasibility consultation, the treatment of the authorization of a certain economic activity, the monitoring of the file at all times and the cancellation of the activity.

Technologies. PHP, Symfony and MySQL.

Document Digitalization

The system allows registering, inventorying and managing the historical documentary resources of the museums. In this way, it enables the organization, description, classification and compilation of information for the management of documentary heritage.

It was developed with the most advanced technologies and according to current international archival standards. The design and construction of this application privilege ease of use and accessibility to public information.

Technologies. PHP and MySQL

CRM creation and redesign of SUNIV’s website
The project was integral, the stages of conception, analysis, development, training, migration, installation and maintenance were carried out.

The main advantage of the application is the unification of Contacts and Entities for all the modules that integrate the system: Consultations, Projects, Missions, Alarms and Relationships..

Through Consultations, Alarms and Relationships, a tool is provided to monitor investment projects at different times.

Technologies. PHP, Cake PHP, Dom Pdf, MySQL and Apache