Technological tools at the service of health and patient care professionals.



A system that allows automating certain actions to facilitate, supervise and prevent risks in the monitoring and care of the patient, mainly aimed at transplant patients.



A support platform that makes it easier for patients to carry out their rehabilitation from home. It has an APP, a web platform and bracelets that monitor movement.



Platform that provides complete visibility of assets and their environment from the beginning of the production chain to sale and use.

It is a product that provides a complete solution for the customer by providing:

– Asset tracking

– Telematics

– Sensorization

– Analysis of data



Incident tracking

Application oriented for the management of incidents that occur in the different areas of a company or organization.


  • Follow-up of the resolution.
  • Alerts to the specialist with indications of the degree of severity of the incidents.
  • Fluid communication between the sectors and the specialist.
  • It offers clear and orderly views, both for the user who registered the incident and for the specialist who will attend it.
  • Generation of statistics.