Innovation Projects

Our Innovation area is constantly learning about new technologies or applications with the aim of generating innovative products and keeping us updated on changes in a world in constant motion.

We have been participating for more than a decade in international cooperation development projects, many of which have received IBEROEKA and EUREKA innovation stamps. These projects involve two or more companies in different countries, being essential to achieve success to achieve collaborative and organized work between different work teams.

digital transformation


Technological Solution, with implementation of RFID technology, based on Blockchain.

EUREKA certificate obtained in 2019.

Solution that provides the opportunity to manage assets, products and inventories, from the beginning of the supply chain, to the end point in the sales process. All of these processes can be implemented in different systems.

Partner: Dimensiona (España) + GI SA (Argentina)


Blockchain - KYC - A.I. - Compliance

EUREKA certificate obtained in 2018.

BKAC is a platform that will allow different types of entities to join it and enjoy KYC services powered by Blockchain technology and carry out automated registration, login or activation processes for their products or services.

Partner: Tecalis Innovación SL (España)


Asset Traceability

EUREKA certificate obtained in 2018.

Platform that provides complete visibility of assets and their environment from the beginning of the production chain to sale and use. It has been decided to name this new platform ADT (Asset Data Trace).

Partner: Internet of Things SL (España)

Axional VD

Visual Discovery for Big Data Analysis

IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2017.

Visual Discovery tool that allows to facilitate the visualization of sophisticated analyzes of large volumes of data, without having to resort to complex Data Mining tools.

Partner: Deister Consulting (España)


Smart Rehabilitation of hemiplegia and hemineglect caused by STROKE

EUREKA certificate obtained in 2017.

REHABICTUS is a joint technological development of new electronic devices based on artificial intelligence to perform rehabilitation exercises for patients with hemiplegia and hemineglect caused by STROKE (CVA).

Partner: NSYTE S.A. (España)


Management and Inference System for the Use of Services for the City.

EUREKA certificate obtained in 2017.

Creative C is a platform that links the various users (institutional, municipal, visitors, citizens, etc.) with the services available in a city, making them usable and particularizable, and which allows inferring new relationships from the data generated through their use.

Partner: SDOS (España)


IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2016.

Platform for the acquisition, transmission, management and analysis of vital signs and virtual nursing.

Partner: Mensoft Consultores SL (España)


Mobility Services Platform

IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2015.

Development of a mobility services platform (MSP) for the unification and management of the following activities through mobile devices.

Partner: Deister Consulting (España)


Media Broadcasting Management Information System

IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2014.

Media Broadcasting Management Information System

Partner: Deister Consulting (España) RYACO (Argentina)


Wireless system for measuring brain activity

IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2014.

Development of an open system of medicipon of brain activity through electrodes placed on the scalp.

Partner: Mensoft Consultores (España)


Bank Products Recommendation

IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2011.

The objective of BAPOR is the design and development of an adaptable and dynamic banking product recommender system that allows the continuous improvement of the precision of the services offered according to the demands and particularities of consumers.

Partner: TB Solutions (España), Treelogic (España)


Operational Process Monitoring

IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2009.

Development of a system that gives visibility to operational processes. This will allow to measure and analyze them, leading to their improvement and optimization.

Partner: OESIA S.L. (España). Intelligence Global Software, S.L. (España)


IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2008.

High Performance Algorithmic Trading Platform.

Partner: EDOSOFT FACTORY (España)


IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2007.

Development of an advanced architecture on ajax and jsf technologies for file management services.

Partner: OESIA S.L. (España) SPENTA CONSULTING S.L. (España)


Open and secure service platform for mobile users in the financial environment

IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2005.

The project will focus on a new open platform for mobile banking services focused on usability, interoperability, and scalability, facilitating the deployment and access to services, with attractive service models that satisfy banking entities and their clients. and with the proper conditions of safety and reliability.

Partner: TB Solutions S.L. (España)


Control of fire alarm centrals through mobile terminals.

IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2004.

The project aims to develop a control and action system on fire alarm centers, installed in buildings and large surfaces.

Partner: PROSS S.A. (España) E.S.E.S. S.A. (España) G&L Group Consultores Asociados Limitada (Chile


Development of a web terminal for financial entities.

IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2003.

Develop a banking terminal based on web technology, which allows to perform the functionalities of the current financial terminal in a bank.

Partner: TB Solutions S.L. (España) G&L Group Consultores Asociados Limitada (Chile)


IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2016.

Platform for the promotion of tourism and historical enclaves.

Partner: Abalia Consulting (España)


Emergency Mitigation Supported with Synchronous Artificial Intelligence.

IBEROEKA certificate obtained in 2014.

MESIAS seeks to equip the systems destined to manage emergencies with the intelligence and technology sufficient to minimize response times and maximize the mitigation capacity of the emergency.

Partner: TISSAT (España) DDTEL (España) AGT (Argentina) Plutree (Argentina)