G&L in “Digital Transformation: the Future of Employment”

We were present in “Digital Transformation: the Future of Employment”, an event organized by the Chamber of Argentine Software Industry (CESSI) and held on May 11th. The conference, which was held at the Sheraton Libertador Hotel, addressed issues related to the preparation of organizations to acquire talent and the necessary knowledge to innovate and create the right team for the future.

The event was opened by Aníbal Carmona, President of CESSI, and Lino Barañao, Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Argentine Republic. There, Carmona said: “Today there is a great debate in society, since we are facing a change of era, where more than ever technology and human skills must unite to respond to digital transformation.” Daniel Laco, head of the Human Resources and Education Committee of CESSI, spoke about the future of employment and said: “Digital transformation has the potential to produce changes in companies’ business models through disruptive technologies. In this context, talent becomes the new capital. In the software sector today we have an unsatisfied demand of more than 5,000 uncovered positions, so it is necessary to install the debate and look for solutions. ”

Then, the first panel took place: “Advances in the Digital Transformation of Employment in the National Government“, which discussed the importance of national programs to carry out this transformation. Then Deborah Slotnisky, a technology journalist, gave the lecture “Is there a massive displacement of jobs through digital transformation?”, Where he addressed the concept of “automation frontier” within the world of work. Later, the panel “Is it the time for freelancers?“, discussed the autonomous workforce in the framework of digital transformation. At the end of the event, “Talent is the new currency” took place, a panel that opened the debate on the advances in the digital transformation of employment in companies.

Finally, Aníbal Carmona presented the conclusions of the conference, emphasizing the importance of having a more flexible education system, cooperation between governments, universities and companies, the adoption of integral programs to achieve transformation and the importance of having clear and long-term public policies.

“In G&L we collaborate in the promotion of employment in an area that grows day by day, we awaken new vocations and train better professionals. For this, we participate in EMPLEARTEC and Plan 111 mil, since we know the fundamental role of education to respond to these new work models and, thus, generate opportunities”, said Edgardo Seijas, director of the company.