We participated in the first event of Plan 111mil

Under Plan 111mil, a national program that seeks to train 100,000 programmers, 10,000 professionals and 1,000 entrepreneurs over the next four years, the National Production Ministry (Argentina) has held four events in order to bring the work world closer to IT students, along with SSI companies. The meetings have been held at National University of La Matanza, National University of Lanús, Vicente López Educative Center and National University of Tres de Febrero.

Our company participated in the first event, held at the National University of La Matanza, on September 22nd. The opening was done by Carlos Pallotti, Undersecretary of Technological and Productive Services at the National Production Ministry (Argentina), who welcomed students, professionals and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, José María Louzao, President of G&L, addressed the importance of the public university and work and study in the same space. “It is fundamental that companies participate in this kind of initiatives whose motto is the continuous professional training as a way to expand employment and job placement”, said Louzao.

The meeting was also attended by Melisa Sosa and Melisa Abuin, who work as developers in G&L within the framework of “The Company goes to the University”, a project promoted by CESSI (Chamber for Business of Software and Information Services of Argentina), through which students of university degrees related to the SSI sector are able to work and study in the same physical space. Both provided their experience within the program and emphasized its benefits.

“In G&L, we continue to commit ourselves to the main problems of the country, creating more and better professionals for the sector. We believe it is important to accompany this program, because it promotes a new relationship between Academy – Industry, integrating the curricular areas with the sector needs”, concluded Louzao.