Public Sector

Solutions for citizens and inclusion


Creative C

A solution that centralizes content management for all your channels in a simple, intuitive and responsive way.

The platform facilitates the creation and maintenance of your channels with multiple functionalities oriented to private and public management


  • Adaptive design.
  • Geolocation, plans and points of interest.
  • Events and news agenda.
  • Messaging, processing and citizen participation.
  • Payment management.
  • Statistics and analytics.


Platform that allows integration with various types of entities and organizations with the aim of generating secure registration, activation or login processes, avoiding the need for prior management, intermediation or validation.

The system performs the reading and validation of identity documents with the execution of a life test during the process to avoid fraud.

The entire identification process (OCR plus AI) powered by Blockchain technology, achieves maximum security (compliance) and that the processes of registration / activation of a product or service are instantaneous, making unnecessary the intervention of a team of people who validate the documentation.


Incident tracking

Application oriented for the management of incidents that occur in the different areas of a company or organization.


  • Follow-up of the resolution.
  • Alerts to the specialist with indications of the degree of severity of the incidents.
  • Fluid communication between the sectors and the specialist.
  • It offers clear and orderly views, both for the user who registered the incident and for the specialist who will attend it.
  • Generation of statistics.


Platform that provides complete visibility of assets and their environment from the beginning of the production chain to sale and use.

It is a product that provides a complete solution for the customer by providing:

– Asset tracking

– Telematics

– Sensorization

– Analysis of data