We develop an innovative system architecture on JSF and AJAX technologies. This architecture resulted in a pre-competitive development of a records manager applies particularly to processes of government. The product is defined as a file manager, which defined how dynamic processes of a company, defining tasks, and documents flows associated with each procedure, through the design and development of all corporate procedures involved the processing of different records of a company. Besides maintaining provide all information in the files centrally for improved consultation and analysis of the various files in order to assess the management control. They also perform functions of corporate agenda for the coordination of work between responsible.

It was developed by 20 professionals between March, 2008 and April, 2009.

In addition to IBEROEKA’s Innovative Project Certification in 2007, GESTIONA was also declared a project of interest by the NATIONAL AGENCY FOR SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENT, which supported its completion through the organization called FONTAR.

The international partners in the development of GESTIONA were:
  • OESIA S.L. (Spain)