Platform for Trading Algorithms for High Yield to operate in Electronic Financial Markets. This platform will be based on the latest generation of technologies Stream Processing, Stream Processing Complex and Tick Processing & Persistence through which yields were obtained in the order of hundreds of thousands of ticks per second. This Platform will be aimed at two very specific types of users: The recruitment of officers of Investment Banking, Commercial Banking and Brokerage companies and agencies on the one hand, and customers of online trading of the Commercial Banking and Brokerage Companies and Agencies , As it will enable their full integration with existing systems and expand the functionality and performance of the same.

Twenty professionals were involved in this project, which began in 2009 and took 24 months.

This project was certified with IBEROEKA. In addition to the Innovative certification, this was also declared a project of interest by the NATIONAL AGENCY FOR SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENT, which supported its completion through the organization called FONTAR.

The international partner involved in this project was: