It is a tender management system on an open source infrastructure that allows an orderly and customized process of the tenders according to the particular needs of the company or agency that uses the same and of the tenders that must be handled.

This solution allows to streamline the bidding process through the following remarkable functionalities:
  • Register and maintain a historical base of participating companies, tenders, results and follow-up of the participants in the same. Incorporation of historical information of suppliers.
  • Possibility of handling the concepts of contractors and subcontractors, allowing the former to choose the latter in a public and transparent manner.
  • Module calculation and suggestion of winners of the tender.
  • Messaging process for communication of results.
  • Digital Certificate Handling
The development of SIGELI involved ten professionals and was carried out during 2011.

It received the support of the Trust Fund for Promotion of the Software Industry.