The advantages of the developed product include, among others, the ability to provide banks with a new multi-channel transactional environment which helps them grow, adjust to changes, and no longer distribute terminal software to disperse offices –since this is a web-based solution.

Twenty eight professionals took part in this project, which was completed within the schedule –between September, 2003 and October, 2004.

This project was certified with IBEROEKA. In addition to the Innovative certification, this was also declared a project of interest by the NATIONAL AGENCY FOR SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENT, which supported its completion through the organization called Argentine Technological Fund [FONTAR - Fondo Tecnológico Argentino, in Spanish.]

This international project was jointly developed with the partners listed below:
  • TB Solutions S.L. (Spain)
  • G&L Group Consultores Asociados Limitada (Chile)