Banking and Finance

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we offer services and solutions in line with the market trends and business strategies of the entities.

We have a highly specialized team able to detect needs and offer innovative solutions tailored to each customer, which allow us to increase the loyalty of our customers and acquire new ones.

Our solution “Fijación de Metas” (Goal Setting) makes it easy to plan sales targets for their organization’s various business channels, optimizing time and productivity.

  • CenDoc

    A tool that allows to analyze, inventory, document and automatically relate the source code, routines and data sources

  • Double Factor
    Double Factor

    An efficient solution that standardizes the access and authorization with double factor control of all channel operations of banking organizations

  • Fijación de Metas
    Fijación de Metas

    It facilitates the planning of sales targets for the different commercial channels of your organization, with a high degree of parameterization, and focusing on the optimization of data loading times.

  • File Transmitter
    File Transmitter

    An application that facilitates and ensures the transmission of files between a client and a remote server, allowing the establishment of data validation rules for a secure consistency of the information to be transmitted