Health and Inclusion

At G&L we collaborate in improving comprehensive patient care and quality of medical services. In this sense, our solution “CARE” allows displaying health care notices through wireless communication, allowing optimization of patient care times, reduction of medical errors and control of costs, which translates into improved service management.

Our focus is on three “I”: innovation, insertion and inclusion. We continually invest in innovation and collaborate, in this way, to improve the quality of life of society.

In this sense, we have participated in Application Development for Children and Youth with Special Needs (Desarrollo de Aplicaciones para Niños y Jóvenes con Necesidades Especiales, DANE), a technological project that seeks to facilitate the learning of people, contemplating aspects necessary for those who have an intellectual disability. Our Software Factory has developed its first website and “Vamos a aprender las letras” (Let’s Learn the Letters), an app to learn initial reading intended for children with special needs.

With extensive experience in inclusive matters, we offer solutions that aim at solving situations of daily life and, thus, promote a better quality of life for people with disabilities and their environment.

  • CARE

    The Web Enabled application that allows you to view attention notices sent over wireless communication.

  • GeoAlarm

    Application of urban mobility by geolocation. It has SaaS (Software as a Service) distribution mode to manage destinations from the web platform and apply them from the mobile app.


    The application allows access to health specialists and can obtain shifts from the mobile device receiving notifications of arrears and cancellation of shift by the specialist.

  • Pulsin

    It allows people to find a bracelet that combines three innovative mechanisms for storing information: a passive NFC chip - the RFID family - an optical mechanism - QR code and a printed code on the band.