Public sector and smart cities

We offer solutions oriented to cities and municipalities, in order to improve the quality of life and accessibility of its inhabitants, ensuring sustainable, economic and environmental development in continuous progress.

Our solutions are adapted to the needs of each city and/or municipality, enhancing and improving its services and resources. In this sense, our objective is to collaborate in the creation of more efficient, automated and integrated cities, in terms of sustainability as well as security, comfort and optimization of processes and resources.

  • DataProm

    Smart solutions for urban mobility, security, ports, airports and railways

  • Find CV
    Find CV

    The application allows the companies HR area a reliable, agile and direct search of resources and, to these, a reliable channel to run according to the demands of the labor market.

  • Mobile Tourism
    Mobile Tourism

    Solution of mobile applications for the dissemination and promotion of regional tourism.

  • Seguimiento de Incidencias
    Seguimiento de Incidencias

    The application allows the management of incidents occurring in the different areas of a company or organization.

  • UPark

    It allows to find free places and authorized to park. Through your mobile, you can pay for the stay with a credit card and extend the time.